My work follows memories and the lack thereof; The fine line between what we remember and imagine. The recollection of joy, sadness, past and present the ghosts of remembrance and our former lives. In short these expressions are from a memory I’ve never had, a thought of pure imagined sensibility’s, and I strive to discover and further understand the physical world from the inside out (or sometimes outside in).
Through mixed media, painting and photography along with found objects I seek to find the in-between of reality and daydreams. Consciously exploring the unconscious to discover the deprived memories that never come to the surface; communicating a basic human function and allowing it to still have interpretation. Within this frame work of comfort and the frailty of memories being expressed I pull from my own energies of masculine and feminine, strength and sensuality, color and emotion to create a more interpretive form whether abstract or figurative.​​​​​​​
Carefully orchestrated, my brush strokes, texture, collage and images create movement within a complex dialogue to guide the viewers visceral reactions and have them look deeper to examine the differences in all of us.
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